ACE Platform

Our business is designed to drive success through both efficient and breakthrough R&D innovation. We believe that fully integrated in-house R&D capabilities are critical to achieving success in China. Since our inception, we have had the foresight to develop an end-to-end platform, Akeso Comprehensive Exploration platform (“ACE Platform”), encompassing  comprehensive drug discovery and development functionalities, including target validation, antibody drug discovery and development, CMC, and GMP-compliant manufacturing. Through our ACE Platform, we have consistently and rapidly innovated and produced high quality drug candidates, with minimal dependence on external vendors, and have achieved remarkable results and industry recognition within eight years since our establishment.

Tetrabogy Technology

We have developed a proprietary “TETRABODY” technology platform, which helps us overcome three recurrent CMC challenges in the development and manufacture of bi-specific antibodies. It delivers therapeutic efficacy beyond blockade of PD-1 pathway alone. Building on the validation of PD-1 as a critical immune checkpoint and leveraging our proprietary PD-1 antibody which exhibits activity superior to that of marketed counterparts, we have adopted a PD-1-based bi-specific pipeline strategy. With TETRABODY, we have developed and will continue to develop multiple PD-1 based bi-specific antibody drug candidates that cover diverse mechanisms of immune-suppression, as illustrated below. There are also potential opportunities for bi-specific candidates in combination therapy with target therapy or chemotherapy.


Powerful Combo Platform Using Bispecific as Next-Gen I/O Backbone

Well-positioned to Deliver on Combo Strategy for Next Generation I/O therapy

  • All In-house developed fast speed, high-quality execution, and global rights

  • Combinations with internal I/O programs show promising synergies in clinical efficacy.

AK104+XELOX,AK104+Chiauranib,AK104+Docetaxel, AK104+AK112
AK112+Olaparib, AK112+Chemo, AK112+AK117