Stable CHO Cell Line generation, small scale and bioreactor process optimization, cell culture and medium optimization, purification process optimization, analytical and formulation, 250 L pilot plant (disposable bag), and semi-automatic liquid filling system.
Equipment: GE Wavebag Bioreactors, Applikon 1 L, 5 L, 20 L Bioreactors, Hyclone 200 L & GE 250 L Bioreactors,  Infors multitrons, GE AKTA Ready, GE AKTA Purifier, Protein Simple ICE3, BECKMAN PA 800 Plus, Waters Q-TOF G2-S, Waters HPLC, Agilent RT-PCR, Watson-Marlow FF15 Filling System.


Multiple Choice: DHFR or GS

Non-animal source media and reagent

Stable cell line with titer 2-3 g/L in 3-month screening


500  sq. m clean rooms, 250 L  bioreactor 

     Non-animal source media culture. Titer >2 g/L.
HKCH.png  Antibody quality analysis and formulation development
         HKCH.png  High con. mab FP development: >150 mg/mL
         HKCH.png  Filing machine for pilot batch: Watson Marlow
         HKCH.png  Stability chambers

010.jpg                    Study on high concentration formula                                      Stability investigation

Integrated Process Optimization Platform:

Cell Culture: Infors CO2 multitrons, bioreactors 1 L, 5 L, 20 L, 50 L;

Purification: AKTA Purifier.