30 D 10 M

Akeso Bio Announces Closing of Series C Funding

October 30, 2018, Akeso BioPharma, a company focusing o...

21 D 3 M

Dr. Hugh Davis and Dr. Nikie Shi from Johnson & Johnson Visited to Akeso

3月21日下午,美国强生(Johnson & Johnson)Hugh M Davi...

14 D 1 M

Dr. Thilo Reiher From Bayer Visited Akeso

1月14日上午,拜耳公司战略性外包经理Thilo Reiher博士、外部创新...

Akeso Biopharma, Inc.

Akeso Biopharma is an innovative biotechnology company headquartered at National Health Technology Park of Zhongshan Torch Development Zone in Guangdong Province. Founded in March 2012 by a group of entrepreneurial returnees and led by a member of China’s 1000 Talents Program, Akeso is focusing on discovering and developing innovative biologics with international intellectual rights for the treatment of  a broad spectrum of diseases...   [MORE]